About Djibouti

In general

Country name: Republic of Djibouti

Capital: Djibouti

Administrative divisions: Djibouti, Arta, Ali Sabieh, Dikhil, Obock, Tadjourah

Independence: 27 June 1977 (from France)

National holiday: Independence Day, 27 June

Legal system: based on French civil law system, traditional practices, and Islamic law

Executive branch:

Chief of state: President & Head of government: ISMAEL OMAR GUELLEH



Location: Eastern Africa, bordering the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, between Eritrea and Somalia

Land boundaries:

Border countries: Eritrea 113 km, Ethiopia 337 km, Somalia 58 km

Map references: Africa

Area: 23,000 sqkm

Coastline: 314 km

Climate: desert; torrid, dry

Terrain: coastal plain and plateau separated by central mountains

Elevation extremes:

Lowest point: Lac Assal -155 m

Elevation extremes:

Natural resources: geothermal areas
Geography—note: strategic location near world's busiest shipping lanes and close to Arabian oilfields; terminus of rail traffic into Ethiopia.are.

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